Monday, August 30, 2010

Bonus Post: Giving Tree Cupcakes 8/28

Sara helped throw a baby shower for her best friend this past weekend. The theme was bed time stories and Sara's favorite is "The Giving Tree." We decided to make applesauce spice cupcakes that look like apples a la Martha Stewart. 

To add our own little flare, we took 5 of those cupcakes and decorated them to be the different stages depicted in the book. 

We had a lot of fun turning tootsie rolls, frosting and sprinkles into an edible version of a beloved classic.

Lessons learned: We'd use a thicker, fluffier frosting next time to make the leaves look thicker. Also, tootsie rolls don't want to stand up on their own too well. Toothpicks are necessary.

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