Sunday, April 11, 2010

Flourless Chocolate Cake 4/8

This recipe came about for a couple of reasons.  1) Erin has a couple of co-workers that are on gluten free diets and have been wanting to try our creations.  2) I was on a strict diet a few years ago where I couldn't eat wheat and I didn't find wheat free food that tasted that good.  At lot of gluten free recipes use lots of specialized flours and sweeteners so we thought we would eliminate the extra ingredients (that we probably won't use again) and go with Flourless Chocolate Cake.

I have to admit to my addiction to Baking/Food Blogs.  I love looking at the pictures, reading the recipes, and witty commentary.  It is helpful to plan what we are going to make next.  I have come across a few recipes for Flourless Chocolate Cake and they looked so good.  The recipe from Gluten Free Goddess looked both simple and yummy.

The consistency of the batter was like a thick soup.  Being that this cake has no flour, this is more like Chocolate Souffle than Cake with all the eggs (8 in all).

The whole cake raised up pretty high as you can see but it did settle down nicely.

Because the recipe called for Strong Hot Coffee, the cake came out tasting kinda like a mocha.  The gluten free people at Erin's work liked it and because it is so rich the pieces went a long way.

Lessons learned: Hot coffee and food processor equal melted chocolate in a jiffy.  Although this has a long bake and chill time it is a pretty easy recipe over all.

On an unrelated side note....  Erin and I baked this weekend for a close friend's birthday.  Usually we are a good team when it comes to tag teaming a recipe however we kinda goofed on our first attempt at making dark chocolate cupcakes.  When mixing the recipe, we thought the other had measured and included the sugar. Neither of us did.  Instead of yummy cupcakes we had lumpy tasteless rocks.  Those of course, went straight into the trash and a new batch was made.  A definite lesson learned:  Forgetting the sugar doesn't mean sugar free and still good.  Baking is about chemistry. Both in the baking and in the teamwork.

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