Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 in Review

Here we are at the end of 2010 and the end of 2010: A Bake Odyssey? We don’t think so! We aren’t ready to let the learning end. We’ve had a lot of fun with this baking expedition. We don’t know anyone who bakes every week as a hobby and we agree that it is kind of a lot. It was a challenge that we are happy to have taken on.
We started this blog as a way to keep us honest and to have someone to report to. It turns out we’ve had thousands of people to report to. We didn’t think that would happen. We’ve reached people in all fifty states and over seventy countries.

Our most popular post by far was the Glee cupcakes and we are happy that so many people have enjoyed looking at and making their own. We’ve fulfilled requests for over 80 of you who wanted to make the label. That’s been a really fun part of this. We loved hearing the stories of Moms making these for their daughters, friends making them for each other, and even a bakery in Arizona making them for a children’s hospital. It’s been great to hear about all that kindness going around and we’re happy to have been a part of it.

Our favorite post has been the cupcakes for Briana's baby shower. They were applesauce spice cake with brown sugar frosting. They tasted really great and the trees on top came out pretty cute too.
We want to thank everyone for your comments, suggestions and support. We hope you’ve enjoyed this experience with us.
This isn’t the end for us for sure. There is still more we’d like to do but we just can’t see continuing with the same frequency. We will forever be in love with this baking hobby and will share any new recipes and ideas that we come across. 


  1. Is there a particular brand of food coloring and/or sanding sugar that you used for your Glee cupcakes? I'm making them for my kids Valentine's & want them to look authentic. Thanks in advance for your help!!

  2. Hi Ammie,
    We wouldn't expect the brand of the food coloring or sugar to matter too much. We just used the generic stuff found at the grocery store. You can't always find all the colors of sugar there though so you may want to try a craft store like Michaels.
    A tip might be to know that it takes a lot of red food coloring to get it really looking vibrant and not just pink. You don't need to go all out cause it gets covered up by the sugar to make it look really red. The blue and purple aren't as hard to get dark.
    Happy Valentine's Day!