Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Birthday Baking: Rick 1/12

Rick works with Erin. He likes the Eagles. We went a little creativity crazy on this one but didn't get a good close-up pic. Sorry. Will do better in future.
These are cake pops like the reindeer meant to look like the helmets for the Philadelphia eagles. They are stood up on florist foam designed to look like their field. It was pretty fun to do.
We used chocolate coating from NY Cakes West. They come in all colors. These did not come out so well this time. The reindeer were very smooth, these ones not so much. The wings were outlined in food coloring pen, also from NY Cakes West and then filled in with Wilton's cookie frosting so it would harden.
Very strict criteria existed to see which would make the team. Not all of them were up to snuff. Pictured are the ones who made it. Rick knew what they were right away so it was a success. He bit into one and the rest immediately fell to the floor. Then we discussed if the pop was on the injured list or was that considered a fumble.
Lessons learned: Always have extra in order to field a full team.
Questions: Is Mom's stove better at melting the chocolate so that it's smooth?

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