Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Swiss Chard Quiche 11/14

Sorry for the late posting....things have been busy with life and stuff.  You know how it goes.

We decided to make Quiche this week because we haven't really done one like a traditional quiche. We think that the sausage potato one doesn't really count.
In deciding which quiche to make, Sara found a recipe that called for Swiss Chard and that was perfect for us because we have that growing in the yard.  Erin not only has been working on her baking this year, she also learned harmonica and has been growing herbs and greens in our garden.

As you can see her green thumb has paid off. We just will forget about the pumpkin, just look at these beautiful greens.

This a healthier quiche recipe from the website called Whole Living which is linked to Martha's site.  I know I know Martha again??!??!  Well to be honest....  She hires great people and gives good advice. She's a great place to learn from for amateur bakers like us.

As I(Sara) added the cooked greens to the flour mixture and then pressed it into the pan I wasn't sure how the whole thing would stay together.  I guess healthier means no extra butter...  Bummer.

There was however, a good amount of cheese. Now, Gruyere doesn't smell too fantastic and we'd never heard of a chard quiche before. We were a little worried that we were headed for another failure.

Once it was all cooked up, the greens and the eggs smelled yummy.  What was even better, they tasted great!  We would definitely use this recipe again. It really was so good!

Lessons learned: No butter doesn't necessarily mean bad.  Homegrown food is pretty awesome(but we probably all knew that already).

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