Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Guinness Brownies 3/17

Well, it's St. Patrick's Day. Guinness Brownies it is. Sure beats yellow cake with green food coloring. We searched for the recipes online and found lots that had white chocolate chips in them. For some reason, we thought that that was wrong. We found this recipe at a great food blog Bitchincamero, that's Camero with and "E" not like the car. We're fan's.
We like this recipe cause it's a whole bottle of guinness minus a gulp, we used ghirardelli, and it's really good.  The brownie came out a bit rich but with a scoop of vanilla ice cream it is pretty perfect.  It is simple with the ingredients.  Whole wheat pastry flour, pure cane washed sugar, and lots and lots of chocolate.  Bittersweet Chocolate 60% dark, Milk Chocolate, Semi Sweet Chocolate and Cocoa Powder.  It is the first time that we used whole wheat pastry flour and we are still not sure of the difference.  I guess we will have to make something that we have made before and see how it tastes.  
This week, we also had to make friends with eggs especially after last week. It went well!

The chocolate was melted, the rest of the ingredients combined and into the oven it went.
The came out, they taste good but we have to admit that they taste more like Ghirardelli than Guinness. That's alright by us though. Our Mom is from San Francisco where Ghirardelli is king. It seems fitting.  We dusted them with powdered sugar and found it necessary to serve with vanilla ice cream. It's a great treat. 

So, Happy San Fran St. Patty's Day everyone. Enjoy!

Lessons learned:Maybe next year we make Guinness Bread instead to get more of a malty yummy flavor.  Eggs can be friends, when Sara cracks them.  Maybe darker chocolate is better?  or maybe we need to drink some green beer. 

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  1. Sounds yummy! I have a recipe for Guinness cupcakes, and they also come out very rich and chocolatey and not beer-y. I think the bitterness of the Guinness gets cancelled out by the buckets of sugar that recipe calls for.